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EPAC Academy of Contemporary Art is the first Comic and Game Art school in Switzerland. Our programs are for students who dream of a career as an illustrator, comic artist, artist, game designer or many other artistic careers. Courses consist of practical and theoretical lessons with workshops given by prominent illustrators, screenwriters, game artists and academics on a campus with over 600 square meters of space dedicated solely to narrative art.

We now offer a Foundation Year, Bachelor Degree in Game Art, Painting and Illustration and New Media, including an internship. The MA in Game Art/Dev will set you on the course to a game art career either as a designer or developer or help you to set up your own company with confidence.

External projects help students understand the professional world and your portfolio will develop and mature with each semester. International collaborations with industry and academic institutions also give students the chance to experience different perspectives and can be important in securing their first position after graduation.

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Studying for a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (BAFA) or Masters (MA) in Game Art or Game Dev will develop your skill and give you an advantage in your career in the art or Gaming world. Studying in Switzerland will be an experience you will not forget.

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Academic programs at EPAC are enhanced with internships and exchanges with international partners. What you learn and experience will be relevant to the real world and benefit your career.

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At EPAC, Academy of Contemporary Arts in Switzerland, the BA in Fine Art has 4 majors, Painting, Illustrations, Comic Strip and New Media. This prepares you for a wide range of careers when you graduate.

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Switzerland is a safe destination for education. Enjoy your student lifestyle and experience with a mix of winter sports, visits to modern cities and take advantage of the central European location to see other parts of your host country and explore Europe.

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